What IE Hub IP addresses do we need to whitelist?

Our IP addresses will be provided to you when you sign up with us. Since these are secure, it is not possible for us to share this information on internet.

What IE Hub domains do we need to whitelist?

You will need to whitelist our live domain *.iehub.co.uk as well as our test domain *.dynamatix.com

Will I need to provide IE Hub with the IP address(es) that we use?

Based on security our preferred method is for you to provide us your IP address and for us to allow our servers to connect only to these. We understand however that this is not always practical, for example if you have a large number of home-working staff. If you choose to provide us with your IP addresses, we will need your public facing IP address. If you are a mid-size or large company then your IT department will be the best place to get this address from. Remember that there might be several public facing addresses for your business if you have multiple sites. Also, some companies switch IP address at a pre-defined frequency (such as hourly) to protect against cyberattacks.

If you are a small firm with a limited or outsourced IT department, then you can also use a simple Google search such as this to find your IP address. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=how+to+know+what+is+my+ip+address

Receiving Data from IE Hub

When you setup with IE Hub, you will be provided several options on how to receive data shared by your customers using the IE Hub consumer portal. These options include:

a) viewing these on your CRM portal (provided by IE Hub)

b) receiving the information into your SFTP folders set up for you

c) receiving the information in your CRM system if you integrate with IE Hub REST APIs

d) receiving a secure email with the information

We will work with you to discuss the most appropriate and secure delivery method for your business.


What services does IE Hub provide?

IE Hub provides both:

a) A consumer facing platform https://iehub.co.uk/ where consumers can provide their Income & Expenditure information at their own pace and share with multiple parties.

b) A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for companies where advisors can input or modify information provided by consumers. The CRM system can be used by the advisors if they are on phone with the consumer as well as if the consumer has provided information to them in an offline manner. The CRM system also has the following options:

i) Sense checking consumer data - this is done using a credit bureau such as Trans Union (formerly known as Callcredit) where we can flag information provided by consumers that is outside the tolerances with the information held by the credit bureau. When using this option, a bureau membership is needed and we will connect with your bureau using APIs.

ii) CRM only mode - this option provides the ability to record, view and modify information provided by consumers with no access to credit bureau data. This is useful for companies or public bodies that only want to have consumers self-serve and do not have credit bureau membership.

Do we need credit bureau membership?

You do not need to have credit bureau membership to use IE Hub. You can use IE Hub solely as a self-service system for your customers. Your customers will be able to provide their information on the consumer portal at https://iehub.co.uk/ and you will be able to:

a) view these on your CRM portal (provided by IE Hub), or

b) receive the information into your SFTP folders set up for you, or

c) receive the information in your CRM system if you integrate with IE Hub REST APIs, or

d) receive a secure email with the information

Will we need to direct our customers to you?

This is entirely up to you and what works best for your business. Many of our clients choose to include a summary of our services and include a link to our customer login page (https://iehub.co.uk/) in a mailing campaign. However, if required we would be happy to contact your customers on your behalf to introduce ourselves and the services that we offer. We will work with you during the onboarding process to find the best solution for you.


What is the Standard Financial Statement (SFS) and is IE Hub compliant?

The SFS is an industry-wide format used for summarising an individual’s income and expenditure. IE Hub’s use of intelligent questioning means that your customers will complete a fully SFS-compliant income and expenditure form without the need for lengthy forms, which can often seem off-putting to customers.

Does IE Hub conform to Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) guidelines?

We know the importance of TCF, and by using our creditor portal you can be assured that the information you are using is accurate, without the need for a lengthy phone call. This also means that when evidencing TCF there is no need to provide lengthy call recordings, as all the information is available to easily export from our portal.

What General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance does IE Hub offer?

IE Hub is fully compliant with GDPR, with the customer having full control of their data and who they share this with at all times. IE Hub staff have no access to customer data at any point.

All data is held on dedicated UK servers hosted by companies which are compliant with ISO 27001 certifications.

What security information can I find out about IE Hub?

All customer data is stored on secure, dedicated servers in the UK at all times, and IE Hub staff do not have access to customer data.

We undertake regular penetration testing and we have a full disaster recovery plan in place.

All IE Hub data services are ISO27001 certified.

Managing an I&E

How can our customers share their I&E with us?

Sharing an I&E is simple with IE Hub's consumer portal. Once your customer has completed their I&E they will have access to the share page:

They can also access the share page by clicking on the preview button on the top right menu:

They can then select your company (and any others that they wish to share with) from the drop-down list:

They can then add the reference number provided by your company and click on “Add to Share List” button followed by "Continue"..

Your company will then be added to their share list. The customer will then need to click the Continue button for their I&E to be shared with your company:

Alternatively there are also email and print icons which allow your customer to print or email a copy to you:

Our customer has already completed an I&E with IE Hub, how can they share this with us?

If they already have an updated I&E, this can be done quickly without the need for completing a new form. They will need to simply log into the portal, click on the Preview button to see an overview of their I&E: From there they should select the Share icon: They should then select your company name from the drop-down list, add the reference number provided by your company and click the Continue button for this to be automatically shared:

Can our customers preview their I&E before sharing it?

If your customer wishes to preview their I&E to ensure that all details are correct before they share this they can easily do this by selecting the Preview button at the top of the screen:

How can our customer share their personal information?

If there has been a change to your customer’s personal information (e.g. number of people living in household/ employment status etc.) they will need to update their profile details. When they are logged in to the portal, this can be done easily and quickly by clicking on their name at the top right of the screen, and then clicking Profile: This will display the information that is currently held- to edit this they will need to click on the edit button in the top right hand corner: They can edit any information that needs to be changed, and when they have completed this simply click Save:

What information should the customer provide for the reference number?

When sharing an I&E it asks the customer for a reference number. This is the personal reference number assigned by your company to the customer's debt (such as the account number). Without this reference number you may not be able to allocate the I&E to the correct account, and as such it is mandatory for the customer to include a reference number:

Do our customers need to complete each question in one go?

We would advise that they complete all questions before sharing their I&E with you, however this does not need to be done in one go as it can be saved at any point by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page:

Your customer can then simply log in and pick up where they left off at a later point, for example if they have to verify any information or if they have an unexpected interruption. We have designed the process to be as quick and easy as possible, and they will only be asked questions relevant to their circumstances based on the answers that they have provided to previous questions.

Can our customer provide extra information regarding their circumstances?

Yes. There are numerous opportunities when completing an I&E to add extra notes. These will be shown by the "Add Notes" button:

What happens if our customer forgets their password?

If your customer forgets their password to the portal, they can simply click the Forgot Password link on our login page. They will then enter their email address and a new password will be sent via email. This will be managed entirely by us and you won’t need to have any dealing with this.


Will you advertise our partnership?

With your consent we would be delighted to advertise our partnership on our website, on social media etc. and we would be more than happy for you to do the same. As part of the onboarding process we will discuss this with you in greater detail to agree a plan.

Are you able to provide us with a demonstration and/or a trial of your systems?

Yes. Please contact us by email on joinup@iehub.co.uk or by using the contact form on our website: https://www.pdm.network/contact-us and one of colleagues will be in touch to discuss your requirements and how to progress this.

How can I get in touch with you?

Please contact us by email on joinup@iehub.co.uk or by using the contact form on our website: https://www.pdm.network/contact-us and one of colleagues will be in touch.



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